Service for Sunday 31st July 2022, which was conducted by Mr Geoffrey Webber

Servicing the Bald Hills and nearby Communities

Service for Sunday 31st July 2022, which was conducted by Mr Geoffrey Webber

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Call to Worship: –

(from Psalm 107: 1 to 9 & 43) 

Give thanks to the LORD, because He is good,

His love endures for ever.

Let the redeemed of the LORD say so,

Those whom He has redeemed from the enemy,

Those who have been gathered out from every land,

From east and west, from north and south.

Some had lost their way in the desert wastes

and could not find their way to a city in which to live.

They were hungry and thirsty

And had given up all hope.

Then, in their trouble, they called out to the LORD

And He rescued them from their distress.

He led them by a straight and easy way

Until they came to a city in which to dwell.

Let them thank the LORD for His enduring love,

And for the marvellous things He has done for them.

The LORD satisfies those who are thirsty,

And fills the hungry with good things.

Whoever is wise, let them remember these things,

Let them think about the record of the steadfast love of the LORD.

  Comment on Psalm 107

This Psalm talks of the predicaments in which we, as Humans, experience, and of God’s divine intervention; it talks of God’s delight in being directly involved in the affairs of people, reversing the misfortunes and perils in which they find themselves.  It is a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s blessing upon and saving rule over those whom He calls into a close relationship with Himself.  (Artur Weiser in The Psalms p685 7 685 and Derek Kidner in Psalms p383) 

  We gather today to offer our worship and praise to God who has displayed His steadfast and enduring love for us, who has directly intervened in each of our lives, who has lavished His blessing upon us, and who has redeemed us and rescued us from our perils and distress.

Prayer of Praise  

(from Prayers of God’s People Year B pp186 – 188, Uniting in worship p277, Invocations p93, An Australian Prayer Book p256) 

  Lord of power and might, we give to you our praise for you are the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Your mighty works are revealed to us in what we see around us, the vast oceans, the tall mountains, life in its abundance and variety, the stars and planets in the night sky, each a marvel of your creative power.  Your incomparable intellect is revealed to us by what we cannot see; the intricate structure of the smallest atom, the systems interplaying within our bodies, the relationships between animal and plant in the world around us, the forces that keep a planet in its orbit around a sun or that move a comet through the solar system.

  We give to you our adoration because you are the author and giver of all good things; for through your goodness towards us we are nourished; for through your great mercy we are kept safe and secure.  We are blessed because you fill us with your gifts of love and share with us the joys of your Kingdom.  We can rest assured that your love is constant and that you will keep your promises towards us for ever.

  Your actions are guided solely by justice and compassion.  You care so much for the helpless and the disadvantaged.  Your heart goes out to the powerless and the abused.  Your great love extends to those who hide themselves away from others because of a deep loss or sorrow or anguish, to those who we choose not to see.

  There is no force or being that can overcome your will.  There is no other authority or power in Heaven or upon Earth that can stand in your presence, for all things must kneel before you.  For you are God, the one true God who will reign forever.

  But, Almighty God, we are most grateful for you have made yourself known to us through the healing and saving power of Jesus Christ.  You have provided the means for the forgiveness of sins, for the wiping away completely of the stain of sin in our lives.  You have set us free from slavery to corruption into the glorious liberty of communion with you as your children.  Everything else pales into insignificance compared to your sacrificial love for us.

  Let your spirit empower us in our worship and in our daily service for others.  Continue your work in our lives so that we may mirror your nature in our thoughts and words and deeds.  Complete your work in us when you call us to yourself to share in the table of abundance that you have told us has been prepared for us.  For this we pray.  Amen.

We sing ‘For I’m persuaded to believe’ from  Communion songbook page 35

For I’m persuaded to believe

nothing can separate us

from the wonderful love of God.

For above it will send us

if we let Him live within us

while in the simple World we trod.

Neither height, nor depth, nor principalities,

Things present, or things to come.

Though the Devil hate us

He can never separate us

From the wonderful love of God.


Mark Lowry

We sing ‘All that I can do’  Communion songbook page 52

 [This YouTube is the only recording for this song that I could find that can be followed easily.  Unfortunately, the singing is fairly slow, and there is a pause after the second verse where the worship leader delivers a short speech.]

[Be aware that there is no introduction, the singing commences straight away.]

Verse 1 of 3

When the Father sent His Son

to live with us our lives to mend,

Placed His love upon the alter

That with Him we might ascend.


And all that I can do is thank Him,

All that I can do is pray,

All that I can do is lift my hands

To sing His praise.

Verse 2 of 3

Lord, the blessed life you give me,

And the holy road you choose,

Lead me all the way to Calvary,

And I’ll only follow you.


And all that I can do is thank Him,

All that I can do is pray,

All that I can do is lift my hands

To sing His praise.

Verse 3 of 3

Lord, I only want your blessing

While I’m sitting at your feet,

Nothing in this World can woo me

From your holy seat.


And all that I can do is thank Him,

All that I can do is pray,

All that I can do is lift my hands

To sing His praise.

Ted Sandquist

Prayer of Confession 

(from Prayers for God’s People Year B pp186-187, An Australian Prayer Book p256, A Year of Prayer pp184 – 185, Opening Prayers p106) 

Merciful God, we come before you contrite and repentant.  We come before you as fallen people. 

Your Word proves to the World that we are all guilty of letting you down, of going our own way; guilty of offences and of negligence.  We sin in thought, word and action. 

We seek to hide them away, as if by out of sight they are invisible to all, yet nothing is hidden from you.  We seek to brush them away, as if our treating them as unimportant diminishes their significance; yet each and every one is abhorrent to you and causes you so much pain. 

You alone judge rightly, and search the depths of our heart to reveal our true nature of disobedience and untrustworthiness.

We crave after things in an effort to satisfy a craving in our souls.  We seek after possessions and pleasures as if this was the purpose of life. 

We envy the wealthy and all that they seem to have, yet forget that possessions and wealth do not withstand death and decay. 

We boast of our qualities and skills.  We like to tell of what we are able to achieve all by ourselves,

yet fail to acknowledge your blessings in our lives and neglect your call to live a life of modesty and gratefulness. 

We are hardened to the distress in other’s lives, and are unable to perceive the greater needs of others.

We withhold the simplest of help that we are asked to give. 

We neglect to comfort those who need a quiet word of consolation. 

We refuse to consider giving to someone because of the cost that it may mean for us. 

Please forgive us for each and every time that we have failed you and have failed others.  Please forgive us for each and every time that we have not lived according to your perfect law and precepts. 

For we acknowledge that we alone are responsible for creating the chasm that exists between yourself and our sinful lives.

Yet Lord you declare your almighty power in showing mercy and pity towards us. 

Your Word reveals you to be a God of boundless compassion, who eagerly forgives all penitent sinners. 

There is no other God like you, who pardons sin, whose compassion extends to casting our sin into the deepest depths of the sea. 

We thank you Lord that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us. 

In turn, fill us with compassion, perfect your love in us, arouse in us a thirst for holiness and kindle within us a passion to serve you. 

Make us swift to do your will and slow to judge our neighbour.  May we follow the path of repentance and faith, to your glory and honour.  Amen.

 Assurance of Forgiveness 

(from Colossians 3: 1) 

The Apostle Paul reminds the believers at Colossae that through the death and resurrection of Jesus, they have been raised to life through him.  We, too, share in this promise, for, having confessed our sins, we too have been forgiven and granted new life through Jesus.

Thanks be to God.

Prayer of illumination 

(from Uniting in Worship Book 1 number 13 & 14 p599) 

  Prepare our hearts, O Lord, to be guided by your Word and the Holy Spirit, that in your light we may perceive your mercy and grace, that in your truth we may find freedom, and that in your will we may discover peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Bible Readings

Hosea 14:

4  The LORD says,

“I will bring my people back to me.  I will love them with all my heart; no longer am I angry with them.

5  I will be to the People of Israel like rain in  dry land.  They will blossom like flowers; they will be firmly rooted like the trees of Lebanon.

6  They will be alive with new growth, and beautiful like olive trees.  They will be fragrant like the cedars of Lebanon.

7  Once again they will live under my protection.  They will grow crops of grain and be fruitful like a vineyard.  They will be as famous as the wine of Lebanon.

8  The People of Israel will have nothing more to do with idols; I will answer their prayers and take carte of them.  Like an evergreen tree, I will shelter them; I am the source of all their blessings.

9  May those who are wise understand what is written here, and may they take it to heart.  The Lord’s ways are right, and righteous people live by following them, but sinners stumble and fall because they ignore them.

Colossians 3:

1  You have been raised to life with Christ, so set your hearts on the things that are in Heaven, where Christ sits on his throne at the right side of God.  2  Keep your minds fixed on things there, not on things here on Earth.  3  For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.  4  Your real life is Christ, and when he appears, then you too will appear with him and share his glory! 

5  You must put to death, then, the Earthly desires at work in you, such as sexual immorality, indecency, lust, evil passions, and ruthless greed which is nothing less than idolatry.  6  Because of such things, God’s anger will come upon those who do not obey Him.  7  At one time you yourselves used to live according to such desires, when your life was dominated by them. 

8  But now you must get rid of all these things: anger, passion, and hateful feelings.  No insults or obscene talk must ever come from your lips.  9  Do not lie to one another, for you have put off the old self with its habits  10  and have put on the new self.

  This is the new being which God, its Creator, is constantly renewing in His own image, in order to bring you to full knowledge of Himself.  11  As a result, there is no longer any distinction between Gentiles and Jews, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarians, savages, and free people, but Christ is all, Christ is in all.

[Today’s English Version]

This is the Word of God.

Praise to you Almighty God.

Luke 12:

8  Jesus said to his Disciples,

“I assure you that whoever declares publicly that he belongs to me, the Son of Man will do the same for them before the angels of God.  9  But whoever rejects me publicly, the Son of Man will also reject them before the angels of God.

[Today’s English Version]

This is the Gospel of our Lord.

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

Passing the Peace

We are one in fellowship and in worship of our God, whether we gather together in the Church building on Sunday morning or whether we worship in the ‘digital sphere’.  It is important that we recognise that, together, we remain one in Christ Jesus.  With that thought, let us uplift our hands and greet those both here and in their homes: May the peace of God be with you all.

And also with you.

We sing ‘What shall I do my God to love, my loving God to praise’  TiS122 

Charles Wesley


Screen 1

Wandering in the desert


  Two friends were lost in the desert, surrounded by an endless expanse of sand and grit.  The scorching sun and the rumbling of their stomachs were a constant reminder of their need to find food and drink.  Disillusioned by their thirst and hunger, the duo kept sighting water in the distance.  However, each time they got close enough, it dissolved into a mirage, leaving them daunted and more exhausted.

  After continued false hopes, one of them spotted an oasis in the distance, in the middle of which was a tree with bacon slices hanging from the branches where juicy fruits should have been. 

  Grateful for their luck, the excited wanderer pointed it out to his companion, saying:

“Look, a bacon tree.  Where there is food, there has got to be water as well.”

  The second man looked in the distance, and saw the tree, but dismissed it as yet another mirage, as he was deterred by their recurrent crushed hopes.

  After trying to convince his friend that the tree of bacon was real, but to no avail, the first man set out hastily, running towards the long-anticipated feast.

  Just as he approached the oasis, a series of gunshots were fired at him from behind the tree.  He dived for cover behind a sand dune, and, turning to where his friend standing, screamed out a warning to him, yelling at the top of his voice:

“Stay away!  Don’t come any closer!  It’s not a bacon tree, it’s a hambush!”


  The writer of Psalm 107 uses a similar imagery of someone:

(who) had lost their way in the desert wastes and could not find their way to a city in which to live.  Hungry and thirsty, they had given up all hope.  (Psalm 107: 4 & 5) 

  Some attribute Psalm 107 to the time after the exile, when the People of God were allowed to return to their homeland, travelling from the land of Persia across the Syrian Desert to their homes in Judah, hence the writer making reference to God “gathering” His people from “every land”  (verse 3)  (Derek Kinder in Psalms p383)  .  Others claim that it was composed at the time of the Exodus, when the People of God finally settled in the land that God had promised to them, hence the writer making reference to the people “wandering in the desert wastes”  (verse 4)  (Artur Weiser in The Psalms p686)  .

  Whatever may have been the original impetus for the writing of this Psalm, the reference to God “redeeming” people because of His “enduring love” for them, reveals that there is a broader understanding to be applied to these words, that the love which God initially displayed for the People of Israel, is now being displayed to all of Humanity.  Derek Kidner, in commenting about this Psalm, writes that the situation in which the people wandering in the desert wastes found themselves, lost and without hope, “is analogous to the plight of all sinners” everywhere, throughout History  (Derek Kinder in Psalms p384)  .

Screen 2


  The reference to God leading those whom He has redeemed to a city in which they are to dwell  (verse 7)  gives the understanding that God’s actions go beyond that of just providing “fist aid” to those who are in need, that God’s actions have the ultimate goal of providing for them a place in which they could dwell in peace and security, a place in which they could worship Him and have fellowship with each other.

  This is made clear to us in the words of Jesus.

  When Jesus stood before Pilate, answering to the charge made against him that he was declaring himself King of the Jews, in opposition to the established rule of Caesar over the land of the Jews, Jesus states:

“My Kingdom does not belong to this world.”  (John 18: 36)  .

  The Apostle John records for us how, on one occasion, Jesus spoke of there being “many dwelling places in Heaven, where there is room enough for all believers, a permanent home from which eviction is impossible and where no notice to quit can ever be served”.  (John 14:2 – Randolph Tasker in John p171) 

  Jesus used imagery of meeting the needs of those who are thirsty and hungry and of directing people on the right path when talking about himself:

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one goes to the Father except by me.”  (John 14: 6) 

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman who he met at the well at Sychar, “whoever drinks the water that I will give them will never be thirsty again”  (John 4: 14) 

“I am the bread of life,” Jesus told the crowd, “those who come to me will never be hungry, those who believe in me will never be thirsty.”  (John 6: 35) 

“Come to me, “ Jesus said, “all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will; give you rest.”  (Matthew 11: 28) 

Screen 3

The LORD says, “I will love my people with all my heart.”  Hosea 14: 4

  The “enduring love” of God  (Psalm 107: 8)  , or His “lovingkindness”  (Strong’s OT2617)  ,as it is translated in some versions of the Bible, is “a central theme in the Book of Hosea”.  (Gordon Jones in Job to Malachi p76 and Roy Jensen in The Book of the Twelve p25) 

  God reveals to Hosea His willingness to ransom and redeem the Nation of Israel, whose people have turned their back upon Him in their seeking to worship the gods of the surrounding Nations.  Though God’s heart is broken because of the unfaithfulness of the people of Israel, He will act to restore them to Himself.  Hosea is proclaiming to the People of Israel that (God’s) words of divine compassion should be responded to with repentance.  (Peter Craigie in The Twelve Prophets p83)  Roy Jensen writes that a major note of Hosea’s message is that “the repentant will know the joy of all barriers between them and God broken down and God’s love poured into their lives.  (Roy Jensen in The Book of the Twelve p26) 

Screen 4

Be wise in your response to the call of God.

Psalm 107: 43, Hosea 14: 9

  The writer of Psalm 107 concludes with the words:

“Whoever is wise, let them remember these things, let them think about the record of the steadfast love of the LORD.”  (Psalm 107: 43) 

  Hosea concludes his writing with the exact warning:

“May those who are wise understand what is written here, and may they take it to heart.  The Lord’s ways are right, and righteous people live by following them, but sinners stumble and fall because they ignore them.”  (Hosea 14: 9) 

  Derek Kidner writes that both authors issue a “sober reminder” to avoid being “carried away by the eloquence of their writings” or of responding in a “shallow way” to the deep intent of God’s call.  (Derek Kidner in Psalms p387) 

  Artur Weiser writes that, “every criticism directed against God is struck dumb before the power of His revelation (to Humanity).  For that reason, prudence demands that the gracious acts of God be heeded and remembered (and responded to by faith).  (Artur Weiser in The Psalms p688) 

  True wisdom, as measured by both authors in a sincere humbling of oneself before the holy and almighty God, in recognition of our faithlessness and impurity in the eyes of God.

Screen 5

Be a visible and vocal witness to the grace and mercy of God

Luke 12: 8

  Alan Catchpoole writes that “to know the love of God, we must turn to the cross, for it is only when the death of Christ is seen to be absolutely necessary if we are to be reconciled to a just and pure God that His love will be fully appreciated.”  (Alan Catchpoole in The Wisdom that founded the Earth p33) 

  Jesus issued both a promise and a warning to his Disciples about the way people display their appreciation for God’s love for them.  He commends those who “declare publicly” their faith in the saving work of God.  (Luke 12: 8)  Jesus is calling his Disciples to be a visible and vocal witness to the grace and mercy of God, for that is the only possible response by someone who opens their mind and heart to the call of God to repent.

  On the other hand, says Jesus, “those who publicly reject me can expect the same response from me.”  (Luke 12: 9)  Michael Wilcock writes:

“It is impossible for God to forgive one who says, ‘I will not listen to the Spirit when he brings me the message of forgiveness.’  It is impossible for God to save one who says, ‘I will not follow the Spirit when he points me to the Saviour.’”  (Michael Wilcock in The Message of Luke p132) 

Screen 6

Be the new person God calls you to be.

Colossians 3: 10

  Elsewhere he writes:

“The Spirit comes to revolutionise our lives.  The spirit comes to transform our lives into the image of Jesus.”  (Michael Wilcock in The Message of Luke p132) 

  Billy Graham once preached:

“God loves you so much that He will come into your life and change the direction of your life and make you a new person, whoever you are.”  (Lee Strobel in The Case for Faith p7) 

   The Apostle Paul stresses to the Colossian Christians the need to ‘accept the responsibility for your actions’.  He writes “(do) not (keep your mind) fixed on things here on Earth”  (Colossians 3: 2)  , “you must put to death the earthly desires at work in you”  (Colossians 3: 5)  , “get rid of all (those) things (that these desires produce)  (Colossians 3: 8)  , “put off the old self with its habits”  (Colossians 3: 9)  .  Paul is saying that their new-found life, based on what Christ has accomplished on the cross, “must produce holy living”.  (Craig Keener in Colossians in The IVP Bible Background Commentary of the New Testament p578) 

  But, how are they to know how to act?  Paul goes on to say, “You have been raised to life with Christ, so set you hearts on the things that are in Heaven, … keep your minds fixed on things there.  (Colossians 3: 1)  .  Later he writes, “put on the new self, this is the new being which God, its creator, is constantly renewing in His own image, in order to bring you to a full knowledge of Himself”  (Colossians 3: 10)  .  “The standard for the believer in Christ is no less than the standard which God set Himself at the Creation, no less than His own likeness, a likeness that is exemplified in Jesus Christ.  (from Donald Guthrie in Colossians in the New Bible Commentary p1150) 

   Oswald Chambers, in writing about the Beatitudes, says “if Jesus Christ is a teacher only, then all he can do is tantalize me by erecting a standard I cannot attain.  What is the use of presenting me with an ideal I cannot possibly come near?  …  What is the good of telling me to be what I can never be”.  What this writer has realised is that it has nothing to do with what we can do ourselves, it is an impossible task if we rely on our own capabilities and energies, for he writes, “I must know Jesus Christ as Saviour before his teaching has any meaning for me … when I am born again of the Spirit of God, I know that Jesus Christ did not come to teach only; he came to make me what he teaches I should be”.  (from July 21 in My Utmost for His Highest

Screen 7

Jesus came to make me what he teaches I should be.

   This is what Paul is referring to when he writes that “the reality is Christ”.  “You have been raised to life with Christ” he writes  (Colossians 3: 1a)  .  Further on he says, “For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God”  (Colossians 3: 3)  .  And he concludes, “this is the new being which God is constantly renewing in his image”  (Colossians 3: 10)  .  Paul is saying that Christ is in all believers, empowering them to become more like him as they strive for holy living.

.  Ron Rolheiser, in writing about a similar passage in Paul’s letter to the Church in Ephesus, argues that the key is love, a love that is centred in, ordered from and disciplined by a life focused on God, a love that is “the very fire of the image and likeness of God within us”.  (from The Daily Mail List 25 July 2016)  The goal, as Paul states to the Philippian Church , is that we are to become “children of God without blemish”.  (Philippians 2: 15 Revised Standard Version) 

Screen 8

God’s love is paramount.

God’s love is intentional.

God’s love is to be reciprocated.

  Peter Craigie writes:

“Hosea’s vision of God outstrips the conventional theology and understanding of the Law of the time, (that) God continues to love even when the divine love is rejected.  God’s love cannot be restrained.  God’s love cannot die despite the persistent efforts of Humanity to bring it to an end (or to deny that it even exists).”  (Peter Craigie in The Twelve Prophets p84) 

  Today’s readings tell us that the one thing that is paramount in all that exists is God’s love.  It cannot be measured.  It cannot be restricted.  It cannot end.

  We are told that God’s love is intentional, directed not just for the purpose of calling people back to a right relationship with Him, but with the power to transform and renew lives, to bring healing and wholeness where there is despair and hopelessness.

  We are told that God is seeking for His love to be reciprocated, for us to respond with faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to bring forgiveness of sins, and a submission to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to bring about holy living.

  How have you responded to God’s love?  Have you yielded your whole life to God or are you holding back in some way?  Are you seeking to be renewed in the image of Jesus?  Are we asking Jesus to come into your life to make you what he teaches us we should be?

  Hilary Creed once wrote in an article in a 1999 edition of The Upper Room:

“We become more fully who we are as we surrender ourselves to Christ.”

  (The Upper Room 26 April 1999) 

  May our prayer be the words of the hymn composed by Katie Wilkinson:

“May the mind of Christ my Saviour

Live in me from day to day,

By his love and power controlling

All I do and say.”

  (TiS609  AHB537) 


We sing ‘Fill thou my life, O Lord my God’  TiS596  

Horatius Bonar


Offering Prayer    

“For the life that you have given”  TiS774 

[This YouTube clip is for another hymn so disregard the words – only the one verse is needed.]

For the life that you have given,

For the love in Christ made known,

With these fruits of time and labour,

With these gifts that are your own:

Here we offer, Lord, our praises;

Heart and mind and strength we bring;

Give us grace to love and serve you,

Living what we pray and sing.

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Prayers for Others

Loving God, knowing your love for all of Humanity, especially your compassion for the needy, we come to you with our cares and our concerns.

We pray for the Church, that we may recognize our dependence upon you for all things and let go of our attempts to control our own lives.

We pray for deeper understanding, that the Spirit will increase our awareness of the beauty and power of the New Life we hold that is hidden with Christ.

We pray for conversion of our hearts, that we may lay aside lying, greed, and selfishness, and live as your children.

We pray for a spirit of gratitude, that we may appreciate all the gifts that you have given us and become rich through words of faith, attitudes of hope, and deeds of love.

We pray for a greater sense of the common good, that we may recognize that your gifts are for the benefit of the whole Human family and never allow them to become idols that control us.

We pray for freedom from anxiety, that we may never be seduced by the illusions of wealth, fame, power, or control, nor allow these to dominate our lives.

We pray for an end to discrimination, that you will help us recognize the dignity of each person and never judge them on appearance, status in life, nor cultural origin.

We pray for spiritual directors and therapists, that you will guide them in helping others to recognize their gifts, their vocation, and the deepest truth that you have planted in their hearts.

We pray for all who bear the burden of poverty, that you will sustain them each day, open new opportunities for them to use their gifts, and open our hearts to be generous in their time of need.

We pray for all who live in the midst of violence, that you will break the cycle of violence, protect them from harm, and bring peace to their communities.

We pray for all families that are divided by inheritance and financial issues, that you will help them recognize the value and dignity of each other and guide them to a resolution of their conflicts.

We pray for all teachers, that you will inspire them with ways to assist each of their students and help them to promote the growth and development of each of them.

We pray for all who find life burdensome and lacking meaning, that your Word will touch their hearts and open before them the beauty and value that you unfold each day for us.

We pray for wisdom and inspiration for government and legislative leaders, that you will give them insight into the true issues and the needed steps for change to promote the welfare of everyone.

We pray for peace, that you will open new opportunities for dialogue between national leaders, increase their concern for the common good, and free them from the constraints of their egos.

Copyright © 2022. Joe Milner. All rights reserved.<br> Permission is hereby granted to reproduce for personal or parish use.

We pray for the people of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.

We are thankful for the abundant natural resources in the DRC and the mountainous beauty of Rwanda, for those who have worked for healing and reconciliation in Rwanda, especially after the genocide and for the tireless efforts of churches and community organizations, working with the support of humanitarian organizations, to improve the living conditions of the people.

We pray for an end to poverty and hunger, and improved access to health services, especially for the young, that they might have hope for their future, for an end to rebel movements across borders and the political instability this stirs up, for just economic development that does not exploit Creation and people, and for democratic election of less corrupt governments that work for the sake of all.

Lord, you call on us to pray for our enemies.
Have mercy on those who are disposed to do us evil
and who divide your church.

Deliver us, Lord, from every temptation.

Have mercy on our lack of belief and our wavering faith
as we travel the path towards the unity of your people.

You are our God and we want always to be your people
under the guidance of your Holy Spirit.

(Prayer by the group from Zaire who prepared for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 1993)

O God,
the source of our belonging to one another,
none of us can give anything to our sisters and brothers
if we have not first of all belonged to you;
give us your Spirit in the bond of perfect unity
so that the Spirit may transform us into a new humanity,
free and united in your love,
through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who is God,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, world without end.

(New Roman Missal, Democratic Republic of Congo)

A Prayer from the Bishop of Kigali, Anglican Church of Rwanda

Heavenly Father,

we thank you for your love and that it is your will that human kind should live together in peace and harmony, reflecting your loving nature. We humbly come before you praying for the church of Rwanda and the worldwide church, for wisdom, understanding, love and courage as we take part in the journey of eradicating sexual violence.

We pray that the church may continue to be a safe place and shelter where survivors may find refuge and experience God’s love and healing in the midst of hurt and pain. We pray for the survivors of sexual violence all over the world, those who were raped, mistreated and abused in various ways, especially women and children. May your healing and comforting hand be upon them always.

You are our hope, comforter, healer and redeemer and you never ignore the cry of your children.

We pray for our leaders – from our President right to our local leaders, that you continue to give them wisdom and guidance, so that they continue to be your instruments of peace and justice in the work they do for our nation.

We thank you for all that you are doing and what you are going to do.
In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen

Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda | World Council of Churches (

We pray for the wellbeing and safety of Geeske Zijp and her team from The Leprosy Mission in Chad, as they continue their work with people with leprosy and strengthen rehabilitation services.

  (The Leprosy Mission Prayer Diary 2022) 

We pray for the effectiveness of the urgent Famine Prevention Package of $150 million to avert catastrophe in the worst-affected hunger spots in the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen. 

We pray for the effectiveness of programs to tackle the root causes of the global hunger crisis through investing in a long-term targeted Global Food Strategy. 

We pray for strengthened resilience of the Asia Pacific region to climate change, disasters, and economic shocks through Australia’s development assistance. 

Help Fight Famine  – UnitingWorld

We pray for the Religious Instruction classes at the Bald Hills State School, that the Holy Spirit is working through their efforts to reach the hearts and minds of the children.  Please guide and encourage these who lead RI, as they prepare their lessons and present the Gospel to their classes. 

We pray for Kylie Conomos, the chaplain at Bald Hills State School, that you are encouraging her as she seeks to bring comfort to children, families and staff in their times of need.  Please direct the local churches in the Bald Hills area, in ways that they can support the work of the chaplain at the school.

Loving God, we bring these prayers to you, trusting in your compassion and care.  To your glory we pray.

The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name,

your kingdom come,

your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.

Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil,

For the Kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours,

Now and forever.  Amen.

We sing ‘I hear thy welcome voice’  Alexander’s Enlarged Hymn Book number 133  Alexanders Hymn Book no. 3 number 133  MHB351 

Lewis Hartsough


(from Norman Wallwork in Companion to the Revised Common Lectionary Volume 5 p50)    

As we leave to live in the World, may we be filled with hope and peace, may we serve God with gladness and delight in doing His will, and may we rejoice by making melody in our hearts as we offer our praise and worship.

And may the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, rest upon you and remain with you always.  Amen.

Benediction Song

“Now to him who loves us saves us”  TiS771

(only the one verse is needed)

Now to him who loved us, gave us

Every pledge that love could give,

Freely shed his blood to save us,

Gave his life that we might live,

Be the Kingdom

And dominion

And the glory evermore.

Samuel Miller Waring