Sunday Service

We have resumed our 8.30 am services in the church. However, due to the prevalence of COVID, the 1.00 pm Tongan language services are still suspended. (With the previous schedule, the Tongan service was not held on the 1st Sunday of the month). We are still providing printed resources in English to enable you to worship at home. Return to the top and scroll to the right to view the printed service where internet is available. We also deliver typed copies of services to letter boxes for those without internet.

Thursday Service

These services, for the residents of PM Village, are held at 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Thursday mornings of every month.

Some verses to reflect on

12  I am the one who made the Earth and created Humankind to live there.  By my power I stretched out the heavens; I control the Sun, the Moon, and the stars.

18  The LORD created the heavens – He is the one who is God!  He formed and made the Earth – He made it firm and lasting. 

Isaiah 45:12,18September 3, 2022
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