Each week at Bald Hills we make a number of opportunities for people to gather in Christian worship.

Our regular Sunday morning services are the place where most of the church community get together to be refreshed in the worship of God and to renew ties with one another.

Every Sunday: 8.30 am – a relatively traditional service + Kid’s Church during the school term weeks.

We’re always on the look out for people with gifts in music, drama, reading and preaching to join our worship teams. If you’d like to join in, contact one of our worship team.

A Tongan service is also conducted at 11.00 am every Sunday except the 1st Sunday in the month, when a combined service is held in the morning. The Tongan service is preceded by a Tongan Sunday School at 12 noon.

We also sustain an intentional outreach ministry of worship:

Wednesday fortnightly PM Village: 10.30am – a worship service for the residents, held at PM Village on the corner of Gympie Road and Linkfield Road.

Funerals and Weddings also provide meaningful moments to engage in the worship of God and celebrate our humanity.

Civic functions such as Anzac Day, Remembrance Day or local Council events are also places where we are happy to share a message of God’s solidarity with all people, and (if appropriate) the call to renewed life in Christ.

If you’d like to speak with someone further about a service of worship, click on the ‘Contact Us’ page to find our current contact details.